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Today Bookpleasures and Sketchandtravel are content to have as our guest, Brandon Wilson, dramatist of Yak Butter Blues.

In 1992, Brandon and his wife Cheryl travelled 40 days from early October to the end of November in 1992 over 1000 kilometers travelling along the antediluvian pilgrimage route diagonally Tibet. Evidently, they were one of the first Western couples to trek this antediluvian route alongside, by the way, a horse they named Sadhu.

Good day Brandon and thank you for accommodating our incitement to be interviewed.

Norm: Brandon, could you tell our readers a touch about by hand and your wife Cheryl, and why did you want to trek crosswise Tibet and did you ever had any fears prior to your journey?

Brandon: Tashi delek, Norm! We had been travelling for years as finances travelers, itinerant light, with only a knapsack to sustain us for months on end. In the process, we'd made our requisite trip about the world for a year and had seen many of civilization's most achievements. We'd also traveled overland crosswise Africa for nine months (which is the branch of learning of my book to be free in 2005, Dead Men Don't Leave Tips. ) So, we were ready for a more intense come into contact with a touch more in line with that of the great explorers.

Our assessment to crack to trek from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal sprung from the notion that this was the best adventure. All grew up with the legend of a Shangri-La, that curious place from James Hilton's Lost Horizon. The more that I read about Tibet, the more I was fascinated by its remoteness, inaccessibility, and its exotic reputation.

Then, as luck would have it, we were told numerous times that this trek had never been done by a Western duo and that it was "impossible!" That finally sealed our fate.

As far as "fears" prior to the journey, first, I had real concerns that we wouldn't be permissible into Tibet as detached travelers, since the border had been bunged to them for many years. A Chinese ordered group tour was cleanly out of the ask for us.

Then, though we were certain the trip was "impossible" due to lack of food, water, accommodations, and maps, for myself I was more concerned about the weather. Conscious the severity of become rough environment in the Himalayas, would we be able to reach the lower altitudes of Nepal in time ahead of the roads closed, stranding us until May's thaw?

Finally, I must admit that I was also wary about the effect of Uzi-toting Chinese soldiers along the way, as well as the a number of cadres of bureaucrats unused to production with outsiders. Guess I'd fancy to deal with character any day, instead than the vagaries of human nature.

Norm: What were the most irksome experiences you encountered all through your journey?

Brandon: It's a toss-up. This total journey was chock-full of uncertainty. The spectre of in succession out of food and water was a daily concern. Where would we stay? Would our bodies be able to physically able to make 1000 kilometers at 12-17,000 foot height for 40 days?

But I'd have to say that the most singularly distressing come into contact with we had was being shot at by Chinese soldiers as we overlooked Mt. Everest from a peak in Tingri. What do you do?

As be with runner-up, I'd nominate that break of day where we awoke to a blinding whiteout and realized that we still desired to press on.

Norm: What impressed you most of all about the trip?

Brandon: First, we were impressed by the unexpected charity of the Tibetan people. Formerly we packed a tent, stove and fuel for the trek, in the family way to be absolutely on our own along the way. However, after our first night spent camping in a potato patch, we were taken-in by local villagers who common their measly possessions, counting yak butter tea and a warm spot about their fire. We actually grew to look ahead to these human exchanges, even all the same we had to rely on clumsy sign-language and a incomplete phrasebook to communicate. Fortunately, we happening to run into ex- monks who'd customary education in Nepal and still spoke inadequate English.

Through chatting to them, we became advance conversant about the hardships of active in Tibet today under the Chinese Communalist occupation. We erudite that Tibetans are disallowed from construction pilgrimages along the same route that we trekked into Nepal, as they've done for centuries.

So the trip for us became more than just an "adventure" trek. It became a opinionated statement. If we could make their trek as pilgrims, we'd show to the Chinese that it could be done, even by Westerners, lacking distracting the geo-political assess of power.

In fact, on the trek's conclusion, we accessible a set of prayer flags to the king of Nepal's delicate characteristic at the palace with the hope that the king would fly them as a character of cohesion with the Tibetan Buddhists.

Finally, we were impressed by the unwavering faith shown by many of the Tibetans. At night, in the dark quietness of their homes, we communal photos of His Godliness the Dalai Lama with them that we had out of sight into the country. Delicately asset the photo, they touched it to the foreheads of the members of their family, blessing them. Then diagram back numerous layers of curtains, they respectfully to be found it in their concealed altar beside other statues and holy instruments.

After over 40 years of oppression and death, could we still be so long-suffering or keep so much faith?

Norm: If you had to do it all over again in 2004, would you still jump at the opportunity? As a adhere to up, would you give an opinion anybody else to abide by in your footprints and what are the feasible dangers they may come upon today?

Brandon: Frankly, no. This trek is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From what I've read since then, and I be given Tibetan news every day now, the kingdom has greatly altered in particular Lhasa. As flooded as it was then with Chinese settlers, solders and distant culture, it is even more so today. Now, they're in the course of effecting a railroad line into Lhasa from western China, so the transformation will be accelerating, the absorption complete. The world saw the same appearance in Inner Mongolia and Manchuria with the arrival of the railroad.

With that said, I'd love to return, i don't know to the more aloof Mustang county this time, far aloof from the propaganda tours. Of classes this is haughty I would be contracted a visa. Characters this book has definitely made that odds more remote&

However, I would give an opinion readers to explore any part of the world that benefit them by walking. There is nobody so filling as discovering a background one-step-at-a-time. This is a customary way of exploration which creates total fascination in a culture: its food, history, art, architecture, people, foreign language and nature. I like to think of it as a on foot meditation, too. You place your body on "auto-pilot" and go outside, while itinerant within.

If readers are fascinated in this worthwhile mode of travel, they can check out a number of options on my WEB SITE where I have free "how-to" articles about under your own steam some of Europe's most spectacular pilgrimage routes, along with web links for more information.

Walking athwart Tibet was the commencement of this, my most modern passion.

Norm: How would you illustrate the association with your wife after the trip? Conception the book, I noticed there were some tense moments concerning you both at some point in the adventure.

Brandon: I certainly admire Cheryl's courage and eagerness to take a chance. Nomadic with daily hardship, uncertainty, and often life-threatening situations, will put any bond to the test. Opportunely ours survived and this encounter provided an even stronger foundation. If we could carry on that, why, we could continue to exist anything.

Norm: Did you keep a daily journal while you were travelling?

Brandon: Of course. It was every now and then hard to find the energy or time at the end of one of these 14-hours days to sit down and write. But I sought after this balance of our journey to be real, raw, and authenticnot some romanticized notion of adventure travel. To capture that essence (while the blisters were still fresh) was vital. Time heals all wounds, as they say, and if you wait to write about it all later you lose much of the finer points of the minute until it becomes just a Disney adaptation of your memorywithout the dancing hippos, of course.

Norm: After you returned home, did you write any magazine articles about your adventure or did you criticize anyplace about it?

Brandon: I wrote magazine and newspaper articles about the experience, and would have liked to address about the journey and condition in Tibet. Existing in Hawaii, there's at all times a logistical conundrum and cost of nomadic exterior the islands.

Now that the book is published, if there's great a sufficient amount activity all through North America, I would acceptable the attempt to talk to groups about this life-changing come into contact with and about the Tibet we grew to appreciate.

Norm: Why did you decide the title Yak Butter Blues for your book?

Brandon: Well, as a international citizen, I was so distressed by as the destruction of this antediluvian culture; the dismantling of temples, the corruption of basic life; the re-education of a people where the offspring are disallowed from erudition Tibetan in schools; the abstraction of Tibetan food and clothing from the stores, plus the mass clearing of Han Chinese into Tibet causing Tibetans to befall a alternative in their country.

It is feat the point where yak butter tea, that nutritious food that has traditionally fed and sustained a colonize all through the centuries will soon be all that cadaver of an enlightened culture, while all the world looks away. These are the "Yak Butter Blues. "

(Besides, I liked the kind of Kerouac-ian ring to it!)

Norm: Did you ever hear any news about your horse Sadhu you left behind?

Brandon: The Internet is an amazing tool. While we wrote to his new owner, the fellow who ran the Kathmandu guesthouse, abruptly after our come back home, we never heard back from him. Just recently, I "Googled" the boarding house and was able to reach his brother.

Sadly, Sadhu, our old friend, accepted away a fasten of years ago at a very ripe old age. He spent his last years in a luxury resort, but will at all times be remembered by us as the only Tibetan we could bring to freedom.

Norm: Have you kept in acquaintance with everybody you may have met all through your trip?

Brandon: Sorry to say not. We sent copies of some of the photos we took along the journey to families we'd met, as our way of thanking them. That's all.

Norm: How long did it take you to write the book?

Brandon: The first draft of the book was printed in a few months. After that, it was revised all the way through numerous drafts. Then I added the most contemporary news on Tibet I could find, sorted by means of photos, and incorporated some of the clean truths which were firstly planted in the mountains of Tibet and blossomed along more hot pilgrimage treks.

Norm: How are you going to promote the book?

Brandon: Ah, the basic question! I bear in mind this, in many ways, an extention of the journey. Perhaps, in retrospect, it is just as challenging with over 100,000 books on the loose each year.

We're accomplishment out to supporters of a free Tibet, colleges and universities, libraries, adventure travelers, trekking and open-air organizations, newspapers, worldwide adventure magazines, Buddhist and dharma groups, Indians & Nepalese, and all-embracing bookstores to help get the word out. Much of this has been in progress and we use the Internet a lot to let citizens know about our web site.

The citizen reviews so far have been first-rate and I'm awaiting others from abroad. Yak Butter Blues is at this time scheduled on Internet bookseller sites from Europe to North America to Japan and Australia/New Zealand.

I'm also characters and carriage articles to connected sites and creating links, exceptionally to the vast, displaced Tibetan community, as it is their story as much as our own.

Since book promotion these days at last rests with the author, I'm participating in book signings and interviews to advance advance interest. As I said, if I find there's a great a sufficient amount activity in presentations, I might be tempted to put as one some sort of North American tour. Whatja think?

Finally, after all those small moments along the trail where we felt like we owed our survival to some furtive force, we have cultured to "have faith," to trust that we were meant to have this journey and that I was meant to write this book.

I can only trust that once again we will be blessed and that our listeners will find us along life's trail.

Meanwhile, if readers would like a first-hand look at our journey, absolute with a example chapter, maps, photos, Tibetan music and Tibet/Trekking/Peace links, delight drop into my WEB SITE. Then take a minute to sign our guest book, email me, tell your friends, or post a analysis at Amazon. com. Namaste!

Thanks Brandon and I wish you good luck in all of your coming endeavours. _________________________________________________________________

Norm Goldman is editor of bookpleasures. com and sketchandtravel. com. Norm is also a accepted contributor to many book reviewing sites and journey sites.

Norm and his artiste wife, Lily are a exceptional duo in that they meld words with art focusing on romantic and wedding destinations. You can learn more about them from their site http://www. sketchandtravel. com.

Norm and Lily are constantly open to accept invitations to write and paint about romantic destinations in the New England states, New York state and Florida.

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Vista Outdoor’s stock plunges to record low as firearms sales were ‘terrible’  MarketWatch

Shares of Vista Outdoor Inc. took a dive to a record low Thursday, as a “frankly terrible” firearms market led to disappointing fiscal first-quarter results...

Brett Moffitt wins NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series playoff race at Bristol as tempers flare

Top-seeded Brett Moffitt held off determined 17-year-old Chandler Smith after a restart with three laps left and took home the trophy in Thursday night's UNOH ...

Deluxe Guided Family Adventures In The Great Outdoors  Forbes

By Jennifer Brunton. Guided tours designed for families make it easy to experience our country's wide-open spaces and wilderness. You'll delight in natural ...

S-R outdoor writing contest (for adults, this time) winners announced  The Spokesman-Review

For the past 32 years, the Spokesman-Review has run a popular high school outdoor writing contest. This year we decided to invite the adults.

Ammunition maker Vista Outdoor's stock tumbles again toward another record low  MarketWatch

Shares of Vista Outdoor Inc. tumbled 11% in midday trading Friday, putting them on track to close at a second-straight record low. The ammunition and outdoor...

Stockton Brew Fest moves outdoors, attendance more than doubles attendance at any of the previous three festivals  Stockton Record

STOCKTON — The fourth annual Stockton Brew Fest drew a large crowd on Saturday at the Stockton Waterloo Gun & Bocce Club.The festival was held ...

Ruggero's restaurant plans to expand outdoor patio's seating capacity  Riverhead News Review

The owners of Ruggero's restaurant in Wading River are seeking Riverhead Planning Board approval to add additional seating to their outdoor patio. At a.

Outdoors: Five rocky gardens to take inspiration from  HeraldScotland

GROWERS from dabblers to pros can enjoy creating attractive displays from rocks, stones and plants. The tiny alpine plants commonly used in rock gardens can ...

Oregon Doctors Are Writing Prescriptions For People to Spend Time Outdoors  Willamette Week

Oregon doctors are among 75 physicians in the Pacific Northwest who have begun writing prescriptions for people to spend time walking in parks. 12 Oregon ...

Things to See and Do Outdoors in New York City  Fodor's Travel

New York is the city that never sleeps. It's the quintessential destination for fashion, culture, cocktails, dancing, drinking, eating, museums, festivals, music, ...

Seacoast Sundays outdoor photos

Seacoast Sunday is seeking outdoors photos from its readers.Submissions may include outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, swimming and water ...

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