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Where to find some of the best beaches in the world - al fresco


We think that Cape Town has some of the best beaches in the world.

You can desire beaches which are on the Indian Ocean, with warm water, or those on the colder Atlantic Ocean. Neither coast is very cold from the other, so travelling amid the two is easy by road or rail.

Most of the beaches, which stretch about the coast are long with white sand. On some of the beaches like Muizenberg you'll find lifeguards, so they are safe to surf from.

Other beaches, like Boulders Beach, you'll find a lot of animals. On Boulders beach it's the African Penguins that live there. Beware, they can be instead smelly and they do bite if you get too close to them, but don't let that stop you diving into the water to swim with them. The penguins arrive on the scene very tolerant of their fellow human sunbathers and are quite happy to live agreeably with us! Let's face it, where else can you get an be subjected to like this?

Seals and fish life abound, which in turn brings the bird life. At the same time as meeting on the back verandah of the house we constantly see the more customary birds such as Turns, Black-Backed Seagulls, Cormorants, but great excitement happens when the African Pelicans come to visit. Huge jumbo jets of birds, placidly hovering along like the QE2 in full sail!

The African Pelicans seem to like to come to visit at some point in the dusk time at dusk, staying all night on the sand bank just crossways the water. It's just about as if they come for an overnight or weekend stay. Clearly like the Hilton to them.

Other visitors that we love to see on our pond are the Egrets, Herons and Oyster Catchers. Amazing wading birds, all with their own characteristics, which you could sit and watch all day long, just wading up and down, dancing their flirty dances to be a magnet for the fish, or at least bewilder the fish satisfactorily for the bird to rapidly dip its head and peck the fish above-board out of the water and into it's gullet.

Beaches with facilities, life and people, beaches not including everything bar for the birdlife. The array is yours. Often you can find beaches not far away from the noise and find not one soul upon it, real desert island stuff.

Spectacular scenery is also the norm for Cape Town beaches. Just think of the bay of Cape Town with it's flat-topped mountain in the background. The whole of the bay is infact, one long sandy beach, stetching for miles about Table Bay.

Next time you're belief about charming a beach holiday, take a look at Cape Town - you'll not be disappointed.

Helen Palmer is the creator of the website http://www. magical-cape-town-vacations. com, whose family's love of Cape Town was spawned some 30 years ago, when her aunt moved there to live. Conventional visits and a honest love of go swayed Helen to share her passion.


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