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Ultralight backpacks - the lightest - in the open air


Why ultralight backpacks? Devotees of ultralight backpacking know you cut your packweight most by concentrating on the "big three;" backpack, shelter, and sleeping bag. Not recall those 6-pound backpacks, 9-pound tents and 5-pound sleeping bags. Cut that 20 pounds to less than 5, keep the other gear to 5 or 6 pounds, and you can chuck the hot and heavy mountain climbing boots, put on the consecutively shoes, and start enjoying those trails.

Four Ounce Ultralight Backpacks

No, that's not a typo. One of the ultralight backpacking suppliers a short time ago came out with a light pack with a ability of 1800 cubic inches, plus more in an resilient rear pocket. Intended to carry just fifteen pounds, It may be more fragile than the be in the region of pack, but it weighs just 3. 7 ounces! With a pack that light you're well on your way to custody your total packweight to fifteen pounds.

I bought a six ounce pack at Walmart. Maybe you didn't know they sold ultralight backpacks, and niether did they. I'm sure it was calculated as a daypack. However, it has 1200 cubic inches and weighs only 6 ounces, so I'll use it for summer overnighters. At $4, it was light on the account too.

It easy to conceive of that a decent-sized knapsack can be made at home that weighs less than 8 ounces. If it's a down-to-earth one, exclusive of extra pockets, made from light nylon material, how much could it weigh? Construction your own may be the way to get the lightest backpack.

Alternatives To Ultralight Backpacks

I've used my 8-ounce duffle bag for backpacking. With no pockets, it's tough to arrange things, but it has lots of room, and it is very tough. In practice, the full-length fastener makes it so easy to see all that business isn't very important.

I also have tied the duffle bag to an an old aluminum pack-frame, to construct a full-suspension backpack. It has a hip belt, comfortable padded straps, and weighs closely two pounds. It worked fine on a trip above timberline in the mountains of Montana. If there are any lighter exterior-frame ultralight backpacks out there, I haven't seen them.

You can also go on overnight trips with just a bivy sack, a container of water and a few granola bars in the pockets of your jacket. I've done this in the summer. Of course, I consider exclusive of ultralight backpacks, this can't even be called backpacking.

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of inconsequential backpacking. His advice, stories and knapsack recommendations can be found at http://www. TheUltralightBackpackingSite. com


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