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Mount Rainier Inhabitant Park is the most accepted park in the state. It has fantastic areas to explore. The Mountain is a all the rage challenge for citizens wishing to scale the peak. The park also has 240 miles of trails and is a super place to visit.

Established in 1899. 235,625 acres (97% is designated Wilderness). Includes Mount Rainier (14,410'), an committed volcano covered in over 35 adjust miles of snow and ice.

The park contains outstanding examples of old advance forests and subalpine meadows. Mount Rainier Citizen Park offers admirable opportunities for lovely drives, hiking, and mountain climbing. Most roads are open from late May to early October--all endow with stunning views and admission to a array of mountain climbing trails and other sites.

Lots of campgrounds, great drives by means of the area and adequate of spaces to stay the night. You can stay at the Lodges in the park or just beyond in one of the appearance towns.

It will be crowded on the weekends, so be prepared.

Entering from the Southwest Nisqually entrance, it is a great drive up to Paradise.

You will pass Sunshine Point(camping,picnic) and then Kautz Creek Trailhead. Very nice trail up towards Mount Ararat(6010') and Indian Henrys Hunting Ground(Views are great).

As you carry on up the Main road you will reach Longmire(lodging, museum, Info Axis and dining). There is a short Trail of the Gloom as well as Earthwork Ridge trailhead(good trail). After Longmire you drive on to Cougar Rock campground. Carry on elevated up to Christine Falls and on up to Paradise.

Paradise is the main visitors area with many short trails all through meadows right at the base of the Mountain. (Visitor center, lodging, dining)

Past Paradise you will find the road carry on all through the park towards Sunrise in the Northeast divide of the park. Past forest, meadows, lakes, and streams. Box Chasm is a nice hike. You pass Cougar Falls and head south about Backbone Ridge, then back north all the way through the Stevens Coulee Entrance. Grove of the Patriarchs trail is a great hike all the way through some old development forest.

Heading north the road goes past the Shriner Peak Be watchful Trailhead. Up to Cayuse pass and down to the White River Entrance. White River has camping and some good trails to explore. If you go on on to the Sunrise visitor core you will find some outstanding views and quite a few trails to sample.

At less then 2 hours drive from Seattle it makes a complete getaway. With great mountain climbing trails to explore. For extra Mount Rainier mountaineering in order visit http://www. washington-hiking-advisor. com

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