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Camping for fun is a great way to enjoy the in the open air and relax. But ahead of going camping you will need to acquire camping paraphernalia one of the change for the better spaces to get the gear you need is at camping world.

To go camping does not have to cost a arm and a leg. With the basics found in your home you could go today. Lets see first you will need some type of shelter a forced trap 8 by 10 will make a good tent some rope 50 ft will be lots the ¼ inch nylon rope will work. Tie the rope among two trees and place the tarp over the rope. Stake down each side of the tarp with screw driver facts need 6 to 8 I buy them at flea markets and garage sales. If you have a back tarp place it on the base under the tarp tent be sure not to place the argument tarp exterior the tent if you do any rain water may flow in on the argument tarp and you may get wet.

Ok we have a shelter now we need bed linen you have blankets and bolster on you bed at home so use them they will wash up. If you have no air mattress then use two folded blanket to be found on the tarp them make up you bed on top of them. Sleeping is now taken care.

We have some place to sleep now what about cooking. You have pots and pans in the kitchen. Us the fry pan , small 1 qt pot 3 qt pot and the leading pot you have great for heating up water. If you have a tea kettle made of metal take it. Most camp have a fire pit with a steel grill to set the pots on. If there is a campfire ban in place you can use a portable barbecue. Take the apparatus from the kitchen if you have bbq tools take them.

Not doing to bad we have a place to cook and to sleep. If you have kids you will need a few more tarps and make them up a tent beside yours. Take you deck chair to sit on if you have no chairs then when you get to the camp site look for log blocks they make great chairs can be found at the wood pile.

Your chuck box can be a cardboard box with a lid or folding flaps. Put you dry goods in to this box salt, pepper, cereal, potatoes, and doesn't matter what else you confiscate from the kitchen cupboard. Can goods beans, canned fruits, Kraft feast you get the idea.

Your cooler can be a further cardboard box but this one you will line with a trash bag. Place the bag in the box and arrange it in the bend with the dissipation fold over the top of the box on the outside. You will need ice to keep the frozen foods cool. Save up you milk containers artificial works best wash out and fill ¾ full of water an place in the freezer. When you have a few frozen containers you now have the ice that will keep your food cold.

Place at least two in the foot of you ice box then place the frozen meats, milk, juice into the box. You ought to place vegetables on top if there is room place a third frozen milk jug at the top of the box. You will need a lid for the ice box take an added box and fold the flaps confidential and slide the box over the top of you food box. Bring to mind to keep this ice box out of the sun and you will find the ice will last about 4 to 5 days.

Other equipment to bring candles will work if you do not have a flash light but be very assiduous as a candle can start you tent bedclothes on fire and will cause a plant fire so never leave a candle un attended. A roll of tin foil will be considered necessary - the thicker the beat - works very well for cooking in. Bring a artificial pail to carry water in. A fake basin will work to do dishes and wash up diminutive dirty faces and hands.

There are many effects you have in the house that will make the camping trip fun use you imagination. And get out and explore the parks and lakes in your area. . .

Ranger Bob has been having fun camping for years and wants to share all his awareness with you so be sure to visit him at Camping-For-Fun


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