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Yuma, Arizona. In the winter, it's the best town in America with a year round inhabitants of some 50,000 and a iciness inhabitants of 150,000. We retired LoWs make this a sure stop each winter. If you want to make next frost more fun, come join us!

You won't be alone! If you pass through to the Foothills area and call Sheila Harvey for happy hour you'll find by hand session among 10 to 25 other LoWs, each from a assorted locate in life. We have a zillion past drill teachers, a lawyer or two, some earlier nurses, truck drivers, waitresses, bartenders and a big name from just about every other profession.

A short tour of the town will show that Yuma is Lettuce! Seriously, they claim to be the source of over 90% of the worlds chill vegetable crop! If rural is not your bag, take a tour by means of the Arizona Protective Prison used in the late l800s. Think of being held, eight to a small cell, with the emperature in the 110's. It'll make you want to benefit to the farm!

Do you like boat trips? You can take a tour boat also up or down the Colorado River. Up cascade you'll find Indian writings and old mining sites. Down brook it's a tour of RV parks on the river and locks and dams which break up the water for Arizona agriculture, Mexico and the city of Yuma.

Still want to explore? A trip to Quartzsite in January and February will amaze you. This summertime village of less than 1,000 inhabitants expands to a city of hundreds of thousands during the rock-hound season.

While in Yuma, I advocate that you see Sheila about renting a exquisite space in the Foothills area. Some astonishing prior owner of numerous hundred acres put them in a trust and dictated that each lot be surrounded by a Spanish brick fence, be paved with a a selection of kind of white rock, and have hookups for at least three RVs on each lot. We all try to find places near each other and we certainly enjoy a very distinctive communal life.

Without building more of it than is proper, I think the Mexican town of Algodones (just south of Yuma) is the best of the border towns, chiefly if you need easy on the pocket eye care, dental behavior or medicine.

Come join us! The water is fine! We LoW's will be looking for you at the next Happy Hour!

Jack Matlock is a boss and free full time RVer who is ardently endorsing the RVing lifestyle. He on track his RVing with a small pick-up and a Coleman tent camper. He presently has a 33 foot 5th wheel with three slide outs.

As a distinct Jack cursorily educated that we live in a mated society. Even the RVing civilization was based on couples. He required to break away from into a world where he could go out with other singles. He looked for a group of definite campers who would share his chocolate hours and fishing trips. He found Loners on Wheels, a singles only RVing club committed to enjoying the distinct lifestyle and retaining the disinterestedness and go each RVer enjoys. For the past seven years he has enjoyed this group. He plans to enjoy it for the rest of his life! http://www. lonersonwheels. com/


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