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Are on foot brushwood longer than trekking poles? What about climbing staffs and mountaineering sticks? Anything you call them, and doesn't matter what their differences, they are believed to help your knees more than anything. This they do very well, at least when you're going downhill.

What else are they good for? They help you keep your balance. You can use them as excuse anti wild animals as well. I use a under your own steam stick to rest my head on from time to time, and I also use it as a monopod for steadying the camera.

Do You Need Trekking Poles?

What if you don't have knee problems, and you are climbing on level ground? Then maybe there is no point to using trekking poles. They can be just more clothes to carry.

Do they save energy? They take consequence off your joints, but logic says you'll burn up more energy by shipping them. I use a on foot stick at times, when my knees insist, and it's fun to poke at things, but it's not a necessity. For what it's worth, Ray Jardine, the "father" of ultralight backpacking, doesn't counsel trekking poles.

If you come to a decision to use them, bear in mind the incredible Bozeman Mountain Works Stix Xls Trekking Poles. They're made of a high-strength carbon fiber and weigh 2. 7 ounces each! That's is half the credence of the adjoining competition.

Walking Firewood and Other Options

I often cut dead firewood and use them until I lose them. I continually lose my under your own steam stick - a good basis not to buy the dear ones. If I do still have it at the end of the trail, I leave it for the next hiker. Hand-cut on foot firewood are heavier than high-tech trekking poles, but you can just leave them after when you get tired of them.

You can use wicker to make good light mountain climbing staffs. It's stronger than it looks, so use a piece that's only about 3/4" thick. I bought cheap ornamental cane at Pier One Imports, and cut it to size. You can glue some soft scrap leather on for a comfortable handgrip.

Finally, ski poles work as trekking poles. It's best if you cut off the baskets, chiefly if you're mountain climbing in forested areas where they may catch on something.

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of inconsequential backpacking. His guidance and stories can be found at http://www. TheUltralightBackpackingSite. com


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