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River cruise in bangkok ? visiting the attractions on the chao phraya - in the open


A river cruise in Bangkok gives an insight to the cooperation life on the Chao Phraya River and the legacies on this river of kings, a adventure of stark contrasts.

It needn't have to be an elaborate affair; you can cut the additions and expenses. Plan the river cruise by hand for a more meaningful Bangkok seeing the sights tour from the Chao Phraya River.

The Chao Phraya River is the best river in Thailand stretching 370 km from Nakhon Sawan, more than 200 km north of Bangkok. The river continues past Bangkok to flow into the Gulf of Thailand in Samut Prakan to the south.

Chao Phraya is also the main title in antiquated Thai nobility, similar to the Duke in British nobility. The title is no longer in use.

Attractions, landmarks and views in a river cruise in Bangkok

Start the river cruise from the Sathorn Pier near the Taksin Bridge; five notes walk from the Taksin Connection skytrain station, the airport class for trains from the city center.

Proceed northwards casual the lovely water front hotels like the old Oriental Bangkok where famed writers like Joseph Conrad and Somerset Maugham left their mark.

The first not compulsory stopover, in a river cruise in Bangkok, is the Ratchawong Pier which leads to Yaowarat Chinatown, Soi Sampheng where Chinatown in progress and Soi Sun Yat Sen named after the member of the clergy of the Chinese Revolution.

The Commemorative Bridge, the next stop, is dyed-in-the-wool to King Rama I, the come to nothing of Bangkok. His monument, near the bridge, depicts King Rama I on a throne gazing at the busy city he founded more than 220 years ago. Pahurat, the Indian community in Bangkok is advance inland.

Historical aspects of the Chao Phraya

Further upriver on the Thonburi bank, near the mouth of the Bangkok Yai Canal, the white bulwark of Fort Vichai Prasit come into view. This was an old Ayutthaya fort built in 1688. King Taksin's Palace is here in the center that's now the Royal Thai Navy HQ.

Next to this old citadel, stands the dazzling Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn, a temple built in the Ayutthaya era.

The Bangkok Yai Canal and the Bangkok Noi Canal, added upriver, used to be the creative choice of the Chao Phraya River.

This long bend was straightened out by a canal in 1542 to shorten sailing time to Ayutthaya. The new canal subsequently became the at hand choice of the Chao Phraya River.

The river cruise in Bangkok will now pass the most grandiose sight along the Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Pea green Buddha in old Rattanakosin, the historical center, which is the cause of advanced Bangkok.

The Thonburi bank, crosswise from the Grand Palace, is where old communities have lived long ahead of Bangkok was established as the capital. The Bangkok Noi Museum, added inland, preserves the account of these communities.

The Royal Barge Museum is located in the Bangkok Noi Canal near the Phra Pin Klao Bridge.

The river cruise in Bangkok next passes Fort Phra Sumen, built in 1783 to boost the old city. Located near the mouth of the Banglampoo Canal, the back up defending canal ring, it's one of the two lasting forts left from the Bangkok era.

River life and scenes on the Chao Phraya

On the banks, rocky old stiff houses on stilts can be seen in stark compare to the excellent new houses and condominiums. The noodle vendor in a boat sells her food from house to house as restaurants bestow water's edge dining near the some of the piers.

The most spectacular conduit diagonally the Chao Phraya River encountered in a river cruise in Bangkok is the King Rama VIII Bridge, a suspension association that stands out like a giant harp over the water. Bang Khun Phrom Palace, which houses the Bank of Thailand Museum, is nearby.

Bridges crossways the Chao Phraya River serve as beneficial landmarks in a river cruise in Bangkok. Some piers, located near these bridges, are named after them. You'll pass under eight bridges in the intact river cruise.

Further upriver life gets less touristy and more rustic, particularly on the Thonburi bank. Many piers are named after wats (temples) located nearby, about which convergence life is built. Some of these temples, all the same less well known, are equally exquisite as their city counterparts.

Chao Phraya boat armed forces for a river cruise of Bangkok

Chao Phraya River boats ply along the river all through the day stopping at consistent piers. These boats are an low-cost and opportune way for a Bangkok going to places of interest tour of the river.

A Chao Phraya tourist boat advantage is also obtainable for a day tour of elected areas and piers. Boat fee armed forces are also available for groups of 20 or more.

A total of 34 Chao Phraya river piers located along this 25 km winding stretch of river. You don't have to go all the way though, just take your pick and get on and off where you wish.

A river cruise in Bangkok provides a very atypical perspective of life in the city on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, an aspect you can't get from the usual Bangkok city tour.

This article, by Eric Lim, first appeared in Tour Bangkok Legacies, a past go site on people, spaces and actions that shaped the landscape of Bangkok. Lim, a free-lance writer, lives in Bangkok Thailand.


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