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Your virgin bushwalk - al fresco


Isn't it time you stepped out of the definite jungle and into a wilder world, the world of the African bushveld?

This may be a major step for most metro dwellers, as the city life offers a a variety of sense of security, a place to dwell, free from insects and the dangers spawned from protect nature's lack of concern to man.

What happens when the Landrover after all stops and your feet meet with the Savannah floor? Do your preconceptions of an African Search drop away? Find out what Sabi Sabi's best bush come into contact with is all about!

Ambient Sounds of the Bushveld Come Alive

On foot the niceties of the African bushveld befall apparent, the soft textures of yellowed grasslands, the smell of the earth and the ambient sounds of the bushveld come alive. Belongings that would never be noticed above the slow, dull hum of a 4x4's engine.

Guided by a follower asset a gun, you feel a sense of bareness as the prehistoric instincts your ancestors depended on for survival gradually seep back into your awareness.

Large Trees Rapidly Take on a Supreme Importance

You are reassured by your guide that the roar of a lion can plainly be heard from up to five miles away. Large trees all of a sudden take on an consequence that had in the past seemed fairly arbitrary, they seem crammed with a sense of reliability that was never quite loved while active in the city. The acacias of Africa are a astonishing sight to behold. Their umbrella-like canopies dent the bushveld floor with convoluted patterns matching the most elaborate Persian carpet.

The hunter looks the part, years of encounter are demonstrated in every move that he makes. You may be requested to hastily duck, keep silent or place your awareness on a part of the bush that beforehand appeared insignificant, but that upon nearer inspection reveals an anomaly, amazing foreign, a amazement that makes the bushveld come alive.

Be Amazed at the Crafty Eye of the Tracker

The clever eye of the follower hones in on the least details, a track or spoor for instance. Once his cunning eyes have followed this sandy lead to its conclusion, the reward of his secrecy and firmness can be found at its end. His comprehensive feel directs your eye to the dark contorted skin of a rhino or the fair main of a sleeping lion.

Occasionally, a bushwalk will yield the grizzly cadaver of a hot kill. Vultures hop about in a harried and anxious fashion, with one eye paying attention on the corpse and the other on the hesitant and insecure surroundings. The hot air, from time to time, carries the faint aroma of death.

The Guide Nudges Your Shoulder and There It Is!

Following in the path of your guide, the bush parts and you all of a sudden come upon a half dry drinking hole. You wait. Faint rustles stir from the surrounding bush. The guide nudges your shoulder and there it is. Ever so slowly, creation their way to the waters edge, diffidently following, one at the back of the other, a herd of impala come to test life and death by the edge of this crocodile infected bush puddle.

During the coldness months game are known to collect about these diminishing materials of water, as the coldness months are by and large a time of drought.

Observing from a quite hide, all together with your guide, an daylight or a whole day can come and go as you take in the sights and sounds at the water's edge. The attraction water exerts on the dry pallets of animals is irresistible. No affair what, every breathing being needs water and, for this reason, the best time and place to see game is in iciness at a watering hole.

What becomes deceptive over time is that the land and the life found there is constantly gyratory in a cycle. Soon a configuration is noticed in the behaviour of the animals. Patterns can be discerned in how they react, whether it be by day or by night. How they behave, at rest or when at their most active. Even the paths they etch into the land, relate their a mixture of migration routes in a characteristic pattern, identified with an strange knack by the tracker.

Find By hand in the Midst of an In their natural habitat Land

So much can be bare when one understands the a range of conduct patterns and minutiae displayed by wild animals. Much can be cultured from the diversity of plant life and so much more about being human, if you find by hand in the midst of an feral land.

After many years of experience, Sabi Sabi's trackers take pride in the fact that no guest has ever been injured by any wild bodily at some point in a on foot expedition at Sabi Sabi.

The ask is, when are you going to step out of the distinct jungle and into the African bushveld?

Sabi Sabi specialises in 5 star luxury accommodation and the critical bush experience. Situated surrounded by the Sabi Sand Aloofness and located on the southern part of the Kruger Inhabitant Park, each lodge is surrounded by hundreds of species of plants, birds and of course, the Big 5.


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