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Mt. Washington Valley Trails & Mt Washington - NH

The main mountain in the northeast state of New Hampshire, at 6288 feet, Mt. Washington (or Agiocochook as it was then called) was first climbed in 1642 by Darby Field and two native guides but it wasn't until 1853 that the first apex house was built. A year later, Tip Top House was built, which survies to this day. For the less hardy, the Carriage Road and a 3 mile cog railway were built; feats of manufacturing which would be deemed challenging even in these avant-garde times! The cog railroad runs to the apex from the west and the road road from the east.

South of the peak is the AMC's Lakes of the Clouds hut. At the base of the east side is the AMC's Pinkham Notch Visitors Center.

The apex is enclosed with more than a few buildings, together with the Sherman Adams Visitor's Center, TV and radio antennas, the Yankee House and the Mt Washington Observatory. The chief become known wind ever recorded on earth was at the observatory on the brow of Mt. Washington; 231 MPH on April 12, 1934. It is known for having the worst coarsen in the world, exceptionally bad in the winter. There are many monuments to hikers who've died on the mountain, as well as one to Lizzie Bourne, who died while frustrating to walk up to the top, dressed in archetypal Victorian clothing. All through the summer months, there is a cafeteria, museum, payphone, gift shop, and even a post agency in operation. In winter, there is no admittance to any of the buildings. The Observatory is staffed year-round by climate observers.

There have been more than a few hotels on the summit. The creative Tip-Top House was a down-to-earth stone construction with a inexpressive extension. Later, a fancy impassive hotel was built, candidly allied to the Railroad. It burned down and a new simpler hotel was built in the early 1900's. In contemporary years the stiff annex of the Tip-Top House was removed. You can tour the confidential of Tip Top House at some point in the summer months.

On the east side of the mountain are three major ravines;

The Great Gulf, said to be the maximum of the cool errosion cirques in the Presidential Range, with awe inspiring cliffs!

Tuckerman - which is illustrious for its late bound skiing.

Huntington - a rock and ice climber's playground.

On the west side, the Ammoonosuc Chasm dominates. Just south of Lakes of the Clouds, is Mt Monroe, and just north is Mt Clay, with a bit auxiliary on, Mt Jefferson.

Hiking trails Mt. Washington Valley

There are many options for mountaineering to the apex of Mt Washington. The most all the rage routes start at Pinkham Notch, on the east side of the mountain. Climbing from the east means that you are cozy from the usual bright winds out of north and west for the bulk of the hike. The main route is up the Tuckerman Gorge trail (4. 1 miles) which goes as the crow flies from Pinkham to the summit.

On the south side of the abyss is the Boott Spur trail (5. 4 miles) and the north side has the Lion Head trail (4. 5 miles). Both are a little longer than Tuckerman Gorge but also easier on the knees. The Huntington Gorge trail (5. 1 miles) kindling off the Tuckerman Gorge trail and climbs the bare slabs of Huntington Ravine. This is almost certainly the most arduous trail in the White Mountains, and be supposed to not be challenge in bad come through or used for descent. From there, associates as a rule take the Alpine Plot trail to Tuckerman Junction and carry on to the top from there.

From the west side of the mountain, first near the Marshfield Class of the Cog Railroad, there are two routes:

The Ammonoosuc Chasm trail (3. 9 miles) starts at a parking area just below the Cog parking lot and climbs up the Lakes of the Clouds hut. Hikers go on up on the Crawford Path to the summit.

The Jewel trail (4. 6 miles) grass from the far side of the Cog Railroad parking lot (park at the Ammonoosuc Canyon trailhead) and climbs up to the ridge where it joins the Gulfside trail.


Pinkham Notch Visitors Concentrate - Take Rt 16 north from North Conway, located about 10 miles north of Jackson. Parking in the main lot does not demand a WMNF parking pass, parking in the overflow lots does. There are bathrooms, coin operated showers, food, some gear, and pay phones. Quarters is accessible with reservations.

Ammonoosuc Chasm - From Rt 302 in Bretton Woods, take the Base Road 6 miles to the trailhead parking area on the right, just ahead of the Cog Railroad. A WMNF Parking Pass is required.

Before even initial off on your hike, I commend you take at a look at the Mt. Washington Observatory Daily Coarsen report for an up-to-date account from the top. For some clear-cut tips on how to cook for your trip, choose visit our shelter tips page below. Althought there are references to UK routes, the basic info still applies!

Have fun, test your endurance but be safe!

One of Mike's passions in Life is long-distance hiking, a spin-off from which is a budding appeal in organic food supplements, sports nutrition, human physiology & psychology. We are what we eat!

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