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The best backpacking food - al fresco


Maybe your desired backpacking food is a freeze-dried bomb dinner. There exceedingly is no "best" backpacking food. There are reasons to bring a selection of foods, though. Here are ten foods, and the reasons you might want to be concerned about them.

1. Nuts. This is one of the most calorie-packed foods you can take. That means less credence to carry. With lots of protein and other nutritonal benefits, nuts are one of the best backpacking foods.

2. Olive oil. Add a diminutive to your soups or dip bread in it. The best of the oils health-wise, you can eat it beforehand sleeping, to stay warm, for the reason that fats create heat when digested.

3. Trail mixes. Any mix with raisins and nuts is great for backpacking. Vitamins, minerals, protein, and the best aim - convenience.

4. Corn products. Tortilla chips or corn nuts are convenient, and they don't seem to cause the drowsiness that potato chips and other austere carbohydrates can cause.

5. Ramen noodles. When you need a hot meal fast, there isn't much that's better.

6. Instantaneous coffee. A basic for caffeine addicts, and it's good to have a drink accessible for emergencies.

7. Wild fit to be eaten berries. Learn to ascertain a few, and you'll have a nutricious absolve for a break along the trail.

8. Immediate sports drinks. Pour a barely in your water container and shake. Replacing electrolytes doesn't get more convenient.

9. Instantaneous refried beans. When you want sustained energy, eat beans.

10. Your favorites. Having your desired foods can help recoup a rainy backpacking trip spent in the tent.

Always care about the character of the trip when you desire your backpacking food. Hot meals are much more critical in cold climates, and convenience is king, if you want to make miles. A pot of rum might even be appropriate, if it's a trip wih friends.

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of ultralight backpacking. His guidance and stories can be found at http://www. TheBackpackingSite. com


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