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To get the most out of a wildebeest migration expedition you need to know where the best spaces along the migration route are, the times you need to be in a selection of areas and who the top migration search companies are.

The Best Spots On the Migration Route

Have you ever seen those natural world documentaries that show a lot of wildebeest swimming diagonally a river being shadowed and every now and then dragged under by huge crocodiles or drowning since of the crush and fatigue?

And those wildebeest that do make it diagonally all right every now and then fail at the last fly over as the bank is too steep and slippery with mud for them to reach the top even even if they make a huge crack to do so.

This all forms part of the incredible wildebeest migration that takes part every year in the Serengeti and Masai Mara game capital in East Africa.

The best spots to see goggles like the ones described above are at the Grumeti river in the western corridor of the Serengeti since this is the first major river the hordes of wildebeest need to cross in their quest for sweeter grazing in the north.

And the colossal crocodiles are waiting. . .

The be with and last major river they need to cross beforehand they get to the Masai Mara cache is the Mara and this is also an brilliant vantage point from which to watch the drama play out.

But a touch that few associates know is that there is an added part of the wildebeest migration that is just as incredible as the definite trek north.

And this is the twelve-monthly foaling of about 400 000 wildebeest calves all in about a three week episode early in the year.

This is also an astounding exhibition and the best spot to come into contact with this is the southern Serengeti in February. You are also bound to see a lot of the predators like lion, hyena, leopard and cheetah take help of this food bonanza.

Timing Is The lot With the Wildebeest Migration

So how is it feasible for a million wildebeest to just disappear?

This is a difficulty that gets asked moderately often by ancestors who go to the Serengeti to see the migration but get the timing wrong and then they fail to find the huge herds.

The come back with is that the million wildebeest are still there but they are allot out crossways a wide area on the Serengeti plains so it just seems like there are fewer of them as they aren't ready to mass for the trip up north yet.

So how can you make sure you get the timing right?

It's awfully challenging to predict when the migration will occur for the reason that it's all dependant on the rain. And the rain comes at atypical times each year but it is doable to make a rough assess based on past occurrences so if you are in the Crucial Serengeti in April-May you be supposed to start to see them move northwest towards the Grumeti illegal area.

In June you will find them doing their death defying swim crossways the Grumeti river and soon after in Eminent they challenge to ford the Mara river in the north to reach the life sustaining lowland of the Masia Mara in Kenya.

In November-December the migration starts to move southwards towards the Serengeti plains again to capitalise on the fresh grasses that have grown there in the interim.

Top Wildebeest Migration Trip Companies

A very central conclusion you need to make if you want to come into contact with the wildebeest migration effectively concerns the search band that you decide to guide you.

It's very easy to be converted into bemused for the reason that there are so many operators in the market.

Make sure they are a highly regarded band by being paid recommendations from preceding travellers that have been on search with them in Serengeti wildebeest migration trip reports.

You can also check their attachment in a mixture of trip associations - KATO - Kenya Alliance of Tour Operators, TATO - Tanzania Connection of Tour Operators and ATTA - African Journey and Sightseeing Association.

And finally make sure that they can satisfactorily fulfil all your questions about their payment, refund and annulment policies and what the exact itenirary will be.

Choosing the wrong ballet company for your wildebeest migration trip can be disastrous.

Make the right amount of wildebeest migration companies by using the Top Three Serengeti migration operators list which ranks the best companies according to their past performance.

The Top Three Marriage Trip Companies List ranks the best of the best celebratory expedition operators by using trip intelligence from earlier travellers.


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