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African search gear packing list - what to take along - al fresco


The last thing you want on an African trip is to realise that you have left any central expedition gear behind.

Because of the characteristics of search there are some effects that are chief to take with and others that you can do lacking for the reason that they are only going to add to your luggage weight.

This is a catalog of some of the "must have" search gear you need to pack to take along which forms a part of the full trip packing list that you can print out to tick off each item as you go along.

This safari packing list is based on the packing guidance and recommendations from a album of search trip information and my own be subjected to in packing for the dozens of safaris that I have been on. . .


If you are going on a under your own steam trip it's critical that you get the trip clothing right. Cheerful colours are certainly to be avoided.

My wife and I went on a on foot search in Botswana and we came crossways a group of elephant that the follower hunted to take us earlier to but for the reason that my wife was draining a red shirt she had to wait additional away for fear of the elephants noticing us. So bear in mind to pack the next search gear. . .

  • Clothing in neutral colours: khaki, light brown/green, tan. Avoid clear colours and white for better game viewing.
  • Comfortable non-synthetic short- and long sleeved expedition shirts (2 or 3 of each)
  • Comfortable non-synthetic shorts and long trousers (2 or 3 of each)

    Every search circle worth its salt must have a first aid kit obtainable for use by its clients so it might be a good idea to check with them first if they do and what it contains.

    But if you have detail medicine necessities then take it with as it might not be accessible in the areas you are going on trip in.

    • Sun block and after sun
    • Towel - journey towel is light and takes very a small amount space
    • Skin cream
    • Insect repellent/mosquito coils (do not use coils in tent)
    • Anti-malaria medication
    • Citronella or other body soap/shower gel
    • Wet wipes/hand sanitizer or no-water/antibacterial soap - very handy in the Landrover etc.
    • Band aids and moleskin
    • Pocket knife (Swiss/Leatherman type)
    • Small scissors, if not on your Leatherman/Swiss knife
    • Small indissoluble mirror
    • Plastic bags (wet washing/muddy shoes/organise clothes in suitcase)
    • Book to read amid game viewing and other leisure time
    • String/rope (washing line, tying sleeping bag, crowd of uses!!)
    • Cold/flu tablets
    • Allergy remedy
    • Some ancestors take a basic antibiotic in case
    • Prescribed medicine (enough to last your trip)


  • The thing to consider when choosing search luggage is mobility. You might be heartbreaking amid quite a few assorted modes of convey (airplanes, cars, light aircraft, trucks, boats) so plan accordingly.
  • Suitcases with wheels don't work very well in the African bush but they are passable if you don't mind haulage them. (A good expedition ballet company will doubtless have a big name on hand to carry your luggage for you).
  • A daypack is very handy to carry the search gear you need while forceful about in the search vehicle or on foot by means of the bush

    There is one item of expedition gear that you must never be exclusive of on your trip and that is binoculars.

    The frustration of since an beast in the detachment and not being able to take a faster look since you don't have a good pair of binocs is intense.

    Many search companies do amount them for you but they might be a diminutive beaten and bent with use and you will also have to share them with other members of the group which will mean less viewing time for you.

    • Binoculars (essential search gear)
    • Torch
    • Camera and film (can be classy and/or challenging to obtain) and extra flash batteries and lens cleaner
    • If compelling a digital camera: remembrance stick(s)/data card(s), mare and extra batteries
    • Small bean bag to deputy a tripod
    • Sleeping bag (may be complete by trip ballet company so check first)
    • Travel pillow, or you can use your polar fleece/windbreaker
    • Small calculator (or if you're compelling your itinerant phone) for currency calculations
    • Money belt


    Visa chuck are an chief consequence exceptionally if you are going on trip in manifold African countries as some of them have another visa terms. Your move agent or trip machinist must be able to help you with this so make sure you check with them. . .

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