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Creative camp cooking - part 2 - in the open air


In a earlier article, I wrote primarily about box ovens. With this article, we will believe a fasten of other ideas that can also make your camping meals fun and enjoyable.

The first is a touch called foil packs. Foil packs are quite simple. You allot out a large sheet of aluminum foil, add at all ingredients you like, seal it up on the ends, and place it on a bed of hot charcoal.

Remember not to use too much charcoal. Each briquette adds about 25 degrees F. (The same rule applies to dutch ovens, box ovens, and even your barbeque grill at home. ) Add too many and you will burn the food, perhaps melt the aluminum foil, and maybe burn physically in the process.

Sample ingredients might add in potatoes, onions, carrots, hamburger, a connect spoonfuls of campbells soup (such as cream of mushroom), salt and interleave to taste, and a bit of water for wetness for the duration of cooking. If you want to add cheese, add it after the cooking process. Otherwise, it will in all probability burn to the classified of the foil pack.

Another fun way to cook out-of-doors is with dutch ovens. You can cook about no matter which in a dutch oven and you can find lots of recipes on the internet.

It is often optional that you line the contained by of the oven with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. Here is a check out recipe that we academic from some boy scouts at a fresh webelos day camp.

Peach Dump Cake Recipe

Ingredients: 2 boxes fair cake mix; 2 cans peaches; 1 stick butter; 1 can 7up or Sprite; cinnamon.

Line dutch oven with foil. Dump cake mix into bottom. Dump peaches on top of cake mix. Slice the butter into hunks and add to the mixture. Add cinnamon to taste. Pour 7up or Elf on top. Stir. Place lid on oven, and place about 20 hot coals on top. Cook approximately 45 minutes.

Personally, I awe if it wouldn't be beat to put the peaches on the foot so you don't have to put as much attempt into stirring the cake mix. Some experimentation may be warranted. Get creative! Afterall, that's one of the belongings that makes it fun.

Another thing that makes these recipes fun is that the whole category can get involved. The kids can help make foil packs, and even a small child could do most of the dump cake up to the point of accumulation the coals.

The author, Greg Bonney, is the owner of Bonney In order and E-Commerce and come to grief of Scoutcamping. com (http://www. scoutcamping. com).

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