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Creative camp cooking - al fresco


For most people, outside cooking is synonymous with barbeque, but there are many other ways to cook outdoors. If you have been camping, you are doubtless at least customary with the portable propane stoves which afford a burner or two alike to the stovetop burners you have at home. In addition, you may have also heard of dutch ovens. However, I am idea most citizens who have not been complex in inspection have maybe not heard of box ovens.

This past weekend I attended camp with my son's cub scout pack. As part of the camp, they worked on their outdoorsman badge, which includes cooking outdoors. The first night of camp the boys all made box ovens. Then we used the box ovens to cook two meals.

The construction of a box oven is quite simple. Basically, you take a cardboard box, cover it on the contained by with aluminum foil (wrap it top to foot and tape it on the outside). Compose a cardboard lid also lined with aluminum foil. (While cooking, this must be weighed down with some expedient item such as a rock. ) Finally, push rods made from coat hangers all the way through the base of the box to serve as a rack to place food on. The box ought to be big a sufficient amount to fit an pan contained by and big an adequate amount of that your

Cooking with the box oven is quite simple. The rule to bring to mind is one charcoal briquette will balance for approximately 25 degrees (Fahrenheit). So, if you are baking a bit that requires 400 degrees, use 16 briquettes.

In the morning, we cooked breakfast biscuits in our box ovens. We used the type of biscuits where you just crack open the tube, branch out them and put them on a cooking sheet. We used a disposable aluminum pan which we saved to use again at lunch.

We also cooked eggs in a bag. This is an added creative way to cook which allows for easy cleanup. Basically, you take a fasten of eggs, crack them into a zip-lock sandwich bag, add bacon (pre-cooked), cheese, salt and interleave to taste. You seal up the bag being cautious to cut off as much air as possible. Then you drop the bag into boiling water. For the boiling water, we used a propane stove.

At lunch, we used our box ovens again to cook "pigs in a blanket" (hotdogs wrapped in biscuits), and cobbler.

For the cobbler, we re-used the aluminum pan from the morning. We took two cans of crimson pie filling, dumped them in the pan, poured a box of white cake mix on top of that, and then assiduously poured a can of 7up on top of that. No assimilation involved. Then we baked it until it looked done. Easy as can be, and it tasted great!

Now I've been belief it would be fun to try baking a pizza on the next camp-out using a box oven. We could buy one of those pre-made crusts, a jar of sauce, cheese, and pepperonis. The kids would love it, and the concentrated effort would be easy.

Speaking of easy cleanup. . . for the cub scout camp, we were asked to bring mess kits, and that is what most of us used. However, if you cook with a box oven and also use disposable plates and utensils, you could by a long way deal with to avoid doing any dishwashing.

So, the next time you go camping, don't just cook, cook creatively. Whether you use a box oven or some other creative method, you'll feel beat after a long day of mountain climbing or other fun out-of-doors behavior if you have an enjoyable and fun meal when you get back to camp.

The author, Greg Bonney, is the owner of Bonney In rank and E-Commerce and come to grief of Scoutcamping. com (http://www. scoutcamping. com).

Copyright 2005 Bonney In sequence and E-Commerce.


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