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Catch a different declining star - out-of-doors


Recently we stayed at a state encampment in Michigan near a duo of lakes and the Kalamazoo River.

The sites were large and woody and out-of-the-way and it was soooooo relaxing to be there. Lots of attractive ancestors on foot and biking and breaker blading.

The come through was accurate - 70 degrees, absolutely clear, no humidity, with a affront breeze. (Did I say perfect?)

Of course, more or less everything you cook or eat in the woods is delicious - and it was!

I worked on my new windchimes made from old silverware while I was there - and I hung them out in the "yard" so we could listen in to the charming chime sounds - and I had colonize come over to admire them. That felt good and was a good avowal for me to continue.

I have been asking for and being paid divine direction, right? Well, late last night I stepped beyond the "Gratitude Chamber" (our RV) to take the chihuahuas to potty. . . and I looked up into the sky.

Oh my goodness! I was not all set for what I saw!

Everyone about us had gone to bed, so there were NO lights. From the central of this VERY DARK state park, the sky was MAGNIFICENT. I felt like I was in a planetarium!

Even even if I live in a rural area and I can evenly see the sky, there are illumination about my house which MUST have been blocking some of the stars.

Anyway, I was so overwhelmed with joy and the majesty of the Universe that I just stood there with tears streaming down my cheeks. I attention of my son and how he had sent a diminishing star to me from Heaven on a different occasion. . .

and guess what!?

I saw a further declining star. Of course, more tears. Even after I went back inside, I felt entirely overwhelmed with feelings of pure thankfulness and abundance.

In that moment, I couldn't maybe ask for an added thing. I am truly grateful.

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