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Phillip Island is a small island and character coldness off the coast of South Australia, about 140 km from Melbourne. On the island you can see koalas, kangaroos and the main to attraction, the Penguin Parade on Summerland Beach.

Every day at sunset, the Hardly Penguins (also known as Fairy Penguins) since of their diminitive size, arrival to the beach. As my spouse is a penguin fanatic, it was one of the spaces on our list to visit all through our trip to Australia.

There is a visitor centre at the top of the beach with information of all the world's penguins, there is a gift shop too and rangers who can counter questions about the lot you required to know about penguins and more.

As dusk was approaching, we made our way down to the beach, as did each else. On the beach was a stone grandstand, fairly cold on the behind, so bring a coat or blanket to sit on.

Some ancestors had even brought along a picnic, a children day out. As it got darker, citizens became more subuded and talked less, charge an eye out on the beach to see the arrival of that first penguin.

Suddenly there was association at the edge of the surf and all heads curved as one. There, duration by the edge of the water was the minimum penguin we had ever seen. He looked left, then right, as if he was contemplating crossing a busy road and then he ran abruptly crossways to the sand dunes and the penguin burrows.

He must have been the scout, since after him, there came groups of penguins, some consisted of two or three penguins, some had about ten or fifteen, but they all made that same mad dash crosswise the sand into the burrows, as if they couldn't get there fast enough.

The crowd of penguin watchers was quiet, apart from for the occasional, "ooh" and "ahhs" from adults as well as children. The groups in progress to decrease and at length no more penguins emerged from the sea.

We sat on the impress for a while, not talking, just affection awed at what we'd just seen. Neither of has had ever seen penguins in the wild before, only in zoos and it was an amazing feeling.

You could see the penguins here every dusk and morning, but they weren't in cages or in small pools, the sea was their playground and it is a sight we would beyond doubt advise to anyone.

There were two floodlights by the grandstand, which didn't seem to anxiety the penguins, but you weren't permissible to take flash photographs as it scared them. Of course, there were some citizens who didn't pay attention to the park ranger and they were told off and escorted off the beach, so do pay attention to what they say.

After the penguins had gone to their burrows, you could walk along boardwalks and see them there. They make a lot of noise for all the size of them!

It wasn't existing while we were there, but now there is the alternative to have breakfast at sunrise, just ahead of the penguins make their way back to the sea. That's got to be worth a look.

So if you are venturing down under, make a small deviation to Phillip Island and Summerland Beach. You won't be remorseful it.

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Annette Gisby is the creator of the novels, Silent Screams and Drowning Rapunzel and the short story collection, Gloom of the Rose. She loves travelling and since new places, even though receiving go sick!

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Article copyright 2004, Annette Gisby.

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