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Highpointing: it?s not just for mountaineers - in the open


Mount Sunflower, Kansas. Ebright Azimuth, Delaware. Hawkeye Point, Iowa. Hoosier High Point, Indiana.

They may not have the name credit of Mount McKinley (Denali), Mount Rainier, Mount Whitney, and Mount Hood. And they emphatically are far, far easier to get to! But all these spaces have amazing in common. Each is the chief artless spot in its state.

Welcome to the world of Highpointing. Thousands of if not sane colonize have set out to drive, stroll, hike, or climb to the maximum point in each of the 50 states. Many never plan to make it to the tougher highpoints like Denali (in Alaska), Rainier (in Washington) or Sandstone (in Montana), but they've open the fun in arrangement trips to locate the curious "summits" of Sunflower (located on the flatlands of Kansas), Ebright Azimuth (yes, a inhabited immediate area can be the site of a state highpoint), Hawkeye Point (located at the end of a feeding drain on a farm in Iowa), and Lakewood Park (turn right at the restrooms, and get a breath of air a short way along a path in a Florida park).

Of the 50 state highpoints, 14 are drive-ups. You drive right up to the highpoint, or so close to it you could toss a rock and hit it. Maybe 8 more are exceptionally easy, relating a round-trip walk or hike of 30 follow-up or less. In fact, only about 9 or 10 of the state highpoints be of special concern to more than a hike along a good trail. OK, some of these trails demand long hikes that may gain a fair sum of elevation. Still, if you're in good condition, and can walk for many hours, you can cope to check off about 40 state highpoints!

Why do citizens get into highpointing? It's a great way to see our country. You'll find highpoints in admired option areas (Mount Mansfield at Stowe in Vermont), Inhabitant Parks (Clingmans Dome, in Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee), and State Parks (Mauna Kea in Hawaii; Harney Peak in Custer State Park, South Dakota). But many highpoints are well off the beaten path, and will take you to attractive and exciting parts of the fatherland that you may have or else overlooked. Eagle Mountain is in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Rough country of Minnesota. Oklahoma's highpoint, Black Mesa, is near the very tip of the panhandle. Taum Sauk Mountain in Missouri is in a attractive county of the Ozarks. Visit when the autumn grass are at their peak, climb the close Be alert Tower, and coach to be thrilled.

There are also many exciting equipment to see and do near the highpoints. Take in a concert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra or Boston Pops at Tanglewood in Massachusetts. Looking for a touch less cultured? How about the Boll Weevil Headstone in Florida? Or the Wisconsin Distinct Park, featuring actual sculptures of horses, soldiers, and heroes? If food and drink are more to your liking, don't miss a tour of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont, Great Adirondack Brewing Ballet company in New York, or stop in at the Peak Restaurant in L'Anse, Michigan for the most degenerate (and largest) sweet rolls you can imagine.

Happy Highpointing, everyone!

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Diane Winger is co-author of "Highpoint Adventures - The Accomplished Guide to the 50 State Highpoints", and other guidebooks. Visit www. HighpointAdventures. com to learn more about hiking, climbing, and go adventures in the great outdoors.

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