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Old barney -- a visit to barnegat light, new pullover - al fresco


Barnegat Light, NJ is the home to "Old Barney" a historic lighthouse located at the northern tip of Long Beach Island. Long Beach Island, or "LBI" as the vacationing folks like to say, is a narrow island all but twenty miles long and six miles at sea off the coast of Ocean County, NJ.

The lighthouse is a destination in and of itself, if lighthouses are a touch that you like. Like all lighthouses, this one has distinctive markings: the top half is red and the base half is white. Built in 1859, the in progress lighthouse is the back up one for that site. The original, constructed in 1824, was in bad shape and very much in need of being replaced. Thus, the acquaint with lighthouse -- caringly called Old Barney -- was constructed.

Barnegat Light is the back tallest lighthouse in the US. It served those at sea and on land with distinguishment until its light was extinguished ceaselessly in 1965, made obsolete by electronic navigation. In the late 1980s the lighthouse was shut down for three years for much desirable repairs, but then reopened to visitors. Old Barney cadaver a all the rage visitor destination and is now a state park. Close attractions comprise the beaches, fishing, historic homes, and adjacent communities on the island. LBI is certainly approachable to Philadephia and New York City and is a desired destination for those who go to the Sport shirt Shore.

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