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Visiting the last paradise on earth ? costa rica - in the open air


I've been nomadic and journalism about spaces I have faith in others would love to visit, to calm down from their busy and chaotic schedules. Most in recent times I visited Costa Rica, a place which can be best described as one of the last paradises on earth. The last paradise on Earth?

Certainly, Costa Rica is one of the basic destinations and not just for vacationers. This small countryside of 50,000 agree kilometers amid the Caribbean Sea and Conciliatory Ocean is about the same size as Switzerland. Not only ecotourists and retirees praise it for its profuse fauna & flora - the countryside has no military, no nuclear power plants, the maximum literacy rate in North America, no frost and lots of culture.

Whether you want to go adventure touring, honeymooning, or hiking, surfing or rafting - Costa Rica has all to offer.

Adventure Tours, Celebratory Packages, & Character Hikes

Relax and dream about Costa Rica. You have many options like guided mountain tours, the best birdwatching in the world, rainforest cover tours, whitewater rafting, wind surfing, fly fishing tours etcetera. Enjoy your wedding and/or celebratory with one of the many free Celebratory Packages. See attention-grabbing spaces like Tortuguero, Drake Bay, Corcovado, Puerto Viejo Sarapiquí and Cahuita at the Caribbean Coast or Playa Flamingo, Gulf of Papagayo, Playa Hermosa, Potrero, Conchal, Tamarindo or Langosta at the Northern Pacific.

--- Tortuguero General Park, Costa Rica - "Region of the Turtles" ---

The small village of Tortuguero (translated as "Region of Turtles") lies on the northeastern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, approximately 50 miles north of the principal Port of Limon. The area surrounding Tortuguero is called the Tortuguero Plain, which is a vast low lying area of hardly topographic relief still enclosed by a large breadth of steamy rainforest.


Drake Bay is one of the most cold and accepted settings that tourists will come upon in Costa Rica. The great quantity of wildlife, (particularly birds), mutual with great accomodations and affable ancestors make this one of the most spectacular and memorable seats to visit. This is truly an out-of-doors lover's paradise. Hiking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and sunbathing are just some of the many al fresco actions here.

--- Playa Conchal ---

Located 2 kms from Playa Brasilito, Playa Brasilito and Conchal make up a unit seperated by the rock headlands of Punta Conchal. Its name is consequent that the sand is made up of millions of cruched shells that constitute a rare environment. along the 1,5 km long beach, manzanillo-, madero negro-, brasil-, and some ear trees can be observed. The beaches are soaked to the skin in sunshine, this being one of their most valued attractions.

And many more?

For Travellers:

In this Chief American paradise you will find what you are looking for. If advent for the first time, learn the entry chuck from consulates, embassies and pass through agencies.

Costa Rica Climate and Weather

Don't worry about the weather! Costa Rica offers the best climate in the world. Like many hot countries, Costa Rica experiences two seasons, wet and dry, considerably than the four seasons of composed regions. The dry flavor verano (summer) lasts from about December to April. The rest of the year tends to be wet and is called invierno (winter). Here you can find the so called Green Season, when it as a rule rains in the afternoon, goodbye the rest of the day for you to enjoy the outdoors. Even at some stage in rainy spice there is a daily be in the region of of 5 hours sunshine.

Some hotels, tour operators, and car charge clothes offer green flavor (May-November) discounts.

At the end of your stay, you will be fascinated with this countryside of endless beauty!

Here a list of what awaits you: Flora and Fauna Tours, Countrywide Parks, Volcanoes, Rainforests, Dry Hot and Cloud Forests, Backwoods Lodges, Surfing, Wind Surfing on Lake Arenal, one of the world's top five wind surfing spots, Deep Sea and Inshore Fishing (Sailfish, Marlin, Roosterfish, Mahi-Mahi, Yellow-fin Tuna, Grouper Tarpon and Wahoo), Freshwater Fishing for local rainbow bass, Scubadiving, Snorkelling, Whitewater rafting, Awning Tree-top rides, Arial Trams, Sky-walks on Execution Bridges or Keepsake shopping in one of the common craft towns.

Have a amiable stay in one of the last paradises on Earth!


C. Lucky

All the in order you need on Costa Rica can be found on the web site, http://www. 1-costaricalink. com


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