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Goa ? a fair of beaches - in the open


The state of Goa on the West coast of India, is located in the coastal belt known as Konkan. While this tourist attraction has much to offer: old churches, dancing in the streets atmosphere, Portuguese flavour, wildlife, characteristics and exciting cuisine, yet, declare Goa and the first, often only, image that flashes in one's mind is of the BEACHES.

For the 105 km long Konkan belt has kindly bestowed Goa with some of the best beaches in India: a wide assorted range cast iron to suit every taste and accomplish every fantasy. Goa offers both, admired hotspots abundant with tourists where every inch of territory is claimed and contested to virgin stretches almost safe and sound by 'development'.

For the beach devotee nomadic to Goa, it entails choosing amid being in the midst of the battle where ultra advanced amenities such as luxury hotels, malls, night clubs, restaurants, spas and manipulate centers thrive or courting the loneliness of a rural shack that opens out to wide empty sand and sea.

Goa's beaches are around not speaking into two groups based on their location: Those lying in North Goa and others situated in South Goa.

Goa's first city Panaji in the North and Margao, a major city in the South, are two essential points from where most of Goa's beaches can be accessed.

As one goes up north from the beach at Calangute or down south from Colva, the passage on the beaches starts contraction so that soon there hang about just the blond sands and composed waters under the beneficent beam of a glorious sky - Goa's beaches at their purest, most unadulterated! Check out some of these options:

Vagator and Chapora

About 22 kms from Panaji, situated in Bardez Taluka, the falcate shaped beach of Vagator and close Chapora are exceptional havens in North Goa. Tourists come for the sheer beauty of the white sand and black lava rocks gleaming adjacent to a green rural landscape. The rural ambiance intact by the club of commercialization that often plagues good beaches, the close 500-year-old Portuguese fort of Chapora is an added attraction here.


One of the more spectacular of Goa's beaches, this five-mile stretch, nestled amid the sea and a hill has some attractive black rock formations jutting into the sea. Previous haunt of the hippies, the beach is just right for lazing on the sands all day. Night-long parties spice up the environment on Anjuna, which is also famed for its Wednesday flea bazaar where you can pick up no matter which from paper backs to pottery. The Mascarhenas Mansion, a classic piece of old Goan architecture with joinery and flower-patterned marked glass etchings makes for an attention-grabbing visit.


Undeniably one of North Goa's most accepted beaches, one can anticipate a crowd here! This Queen of Beaches, with close saltpans and coconut groves adding together to its charms, was the first mecca for the European hippies who came to Goa in droves in the 60s and 70s. Today, Calangute offers all avant-garde services together with spas, knead parlours, shopping centers and internet cafés. While the blonde sands here still hold their magic, the Place of worship of St. Alex and the Kerkar Art Complicated are added attractions.


Quiet in contrast to Calangute, this small beach is for those looking for the peaceful Goa of the yesteryears. Its lovely beauty is enhanced by the hill with the flee house and the Baga River flowing alongside - the sea explodes in dramatic sprays where the river flows into it. Contribution water sport opportunities, this beach is admired with the western tourists in Goa.


One of the best beaches in Goa for water sports as well as water-skiing, para- sailing, diving and surfing, conveniences for these behavior are of intercontinental accepted here. The continual sandy stretch north from here till Baga beach makes this an first-rate beach for under your own steam too.


Lying adjacent to the Mandovi River as it empties out into the sea, Miramar was beforehand known as the Gasper Dias Beach. " One can enjoy an first-rate view of Fort Aguada from the beach, which is studded with luxury hotels and the homes of Goa's rich and famous. Demphe academy of Arts and Knowledge and the commemorative to Goa's first chief minister Dayanand Bandodkar also stand here.


This beach is well known for the Fort Aguada Hotel built about a 17th century fort that goes by the same name. While the hotel basis are off-limits for the all-purpose public, one can still walk about the beach. The fort, firstly built to care for Old Goa from alien attack, today houses Goa's Essential Fort. Aguada beach is full of cafes, stalls, manipulation parlors and conveniences for water sports.


A three-kilometer long stretch of sand and palm with a hill to the south, this beach is one of those donation a sense of seclusion quite rare in Goa. In fact, Agonda is just the place for an overnight beach camping adventure! Adjoining is Cabo de Rama, where according to Goan legend, Lord Rama stayed with his wife Sita for 12 years.


A 5 km stretch of sand, Majorda is where the Jesuits harvested the best toddy palms to leaven their bread. As a result, Majorda was home to the fundamental Goan bakers skilled in the art of European baking, a skill possessed by bakers here even today. Much earlier, so Goan legend states, Lord Rama as a child was kidnapped and brought up here.


With a huge 5 star hotel right at the edge of the sea, this beach is to some extent separated from both, the North and South Goan beach circuits. And the sea about has some fascinating islands. The beach is lined with eateries, each claiming to be Osibisa's preferred favourite!


Most beloved beach of the Goans, Colva in South Goa is plush with avant-garde tourist amenities. Colva is also illustrious for the House of worship of Our Lady of Mercy with its celebrated bust of Menini Jesus.


A calm beach, legend describes it as the place where the legendary arrow of Parashuram's arrow fell, from which Goa was created. This is where you can see the eminent handicrafts of Goa, together with fine rosewood furniture. A good beach for those looking for solitude. The house of worship of St. John the Baptist, as well as the Feast of St. John are synonymous with this beach.

Dona Paula

Made famed by the legend of Dona Paula de Menezes, the daughter of a viceroy of majestic Goa, who threw herself off the cliff moderately than hand over her love for a local fisherman, Gaspar Dias, this is also how this eminent Goan beach got its name. Celebrated for its water sports facilities, this beach is also a common position for movie shoots. The Inhabitant Oceanography Institute, Salim Ali Bird Place of safety and the Reis Magos House of worship are the main attractions about here.


Beautiful beaches from South Goa, these also exhibit a cleaner, quieter countenance than some of the more eminent and as a result over-commercialized. Shacks donation authentic Goan dishes line the beach, as also some complete luxury resorts. Tourists here can also avail of boat trips to watch dolphins.


One of the southernmost of Goa's beaches, this stretch of white sand and blue water is attractive increasingly all the rage with tourists. The beach is lined with shacks advertising food, clothes, jewelry and other Goa souvenirs.

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