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Scuba diving in south africa - al fresco


This truly exquisite fatherland at the southern tip of dark and baffling Africa offers diving and animals experiences away from your wildest dreams. . .

Whether you want to dive sharks and wrecks on jagged wild coasts, or cleanly relax with whales and dolphins and enjoy like new coral reefs and copious wildlife, this ought to definately be your next diving destination.

Scuba diving in South Africa is a fast emergent sport and of a high standard. All major organization's qualifications are accepted and good class dive gear is certainly hired. Exotic divers are welcomed with average South African kindness and are devoid of omission made to feel at home.

The seaboard ranges from about 35°S to 27°S, and that means that one has a array of diving in the cold waters of the Cape Province, the electric fire waters of KwaZulu Natal or the stifling waters of Mozambique.

The Cape County is as a rule good for wrecks, white sharks, kelp and colourful sponges. KwaZulu Natal is primarily for mantas, rays, sharks, wrecks, whales, dolphins, turtles, reef and pelagic fish, hard and soft coral reefs, and Mozambique for whale sharks, mantas, turtles, dugongs and hot hard coral reefs.

Most of the diving are done from semi-rigid boats, with a few hard boat and shore entries. The only "liveaboards" are found in Mozambique and are not of global average and size.

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