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Zambezi sharks under menace at protea banks - in the open


Sharklife. co. za has been fighting an ongoing for the fortification of the Zambezi shark on Protea Banks but has been clued-up that a fishing charter is still award fishing for these sharks.

Sensational Fishing Charters is the only charter in the area to actively broadcast and promote shark medal fishing.

It takes Zambezi sharks over 20 years to reach breeding maturity. Must this butcher be allowable to carry on we fear that the full Zambezi shark people of Protea Banks will soon be gone. At present the only sharks seen on Protea Banks that have any form of protection, are the Great White and Dappled Ragged-tooth. Many other species, like the Zambezi, are in acute need of fortification and we need your help to get the powers that be to act and get deceitful charters to stop their slaughter.

Local dive charter African Odyssea has witnessed the extreme decline in the Zambezi shark populace on Protea Banks. One could anticipate to see up to 20 or more character sharks on a distinct dive when diving began there in 1994 and this period 2005 there are an estimated 7 character Zambezi's left on the reef.

Each of these 7 sharks is a countrywide treasure attracting thousands of divers each year to Protea Banks not to allusion their vital import to the ecology of the reef.

To voice your assert or support, e-mail Breathtaking at fishmad@iafrica. com. Delight cc SHARKLIFE at grant@sharklife. co. za. Visit the sharklife website here

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