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Hawaii volcano tour - al fresco


A Hawaii volcano tour can be a most memorable experience, and is eagerly existing (short of eruptions!) year round. While each island boasts some volcanic heritage, The Big Island is where all the act is.

A Hawaii volcano tour of essential begins in Hawaii Volcanoes Citizen Park, conventional in 1916. This park, containing more than 218,000 acres, is open daily and offers guided tours and more. It encompasses both the world's most massive volcano, Mauna Kea, at 13,796 feet, and Kilauea, the world's most effective volcano. Mauna Kea, which in Hawaiian means factually "white mountain", gets this name from the fact that it is quite often snow-capped. It is also thought to be the world's tallest mountain when careful from it's undersea base to the summit. At this time dormant, Mauna Kea has also befall the home of an critical astronomical center, where astronomers from all over the world vie for spots atop the brow to view the heavens.

Kilauea, which has been in continual epidemic since 1983, gives visitors on a Hawaii volcano tour stunning views of molten lava flows, steam vents, and vast lava fields. It is said that this outbreak has added more than 500 acres to the Big Island since it's eruption! One more fascinating tidbit about Kilauea, is that balanced atop the cave rim overlooking the caldera is the Volcano House, Hawaii's oldest continually-operated hotel, dating from 1846. Probably not hard to keep warm at night!

On Maui, one volcano not to overlook is Haleakala, a dormant volcano in the central point of the island, long distinguished for it's fantastic sunsets. It's also a great place to hike or camp, and chiefly ride a bike down! (Very Cool!) Good aim to go to Maui. (As if you desirable one!)

When you plan your Hawaii volcano tour, be sure to plan some time to take in some or all of these sights. You'll be forever changed!

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