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How to grab a bite to eat and help the world - in the open


You CAN grab amazing to eat, enjoy every bite, AND help the planet. . .

In fact, here are a few ways:

1. Try 'green' convenience foods.

Behold, convenience foods that are environmentally friendly, well priced and. . . yummy! Quick, stock up on pizza of all sorts, counting PESTO, my fave. . . macaroni and cheese, chili, shepherd's pie, and lots more. . .

One of the more often existing brands of green frozen dinners is Amy's Kitchen. Like a number of other labels which I'm dying to try, these meals are made from organic ingredients and come in recycled (and recyclable) packaging. Oh, and yes, they are from tip to toe vegetarian, but you honestly wouldn't know it. Of course, it doesn't hurt that you can be intake surrounded by 10-20 action for most of these meals, either. Amy's has saved my butt many a banquet time, let me tell you!

Find a store that stocks Amy's crop by clicking on the 'Buy Amy's' link at this site: http://www. amyskitchen. com or, go auxiliary afield for to try another options at http://www. wholefoodsmarket. com and http://www. ecomall. com/biz/food. htm.

2. Try a 'green' restaurant.

Yes, there is such a thing.

In fact, when in the U. S. , you can refer to the Green Restaurant Association's Book of restaurants at http://www. dinegreen. com and find green brunette houses, delis, restaurants and more. These ingestion establishments have all been check out, and evenly go easy on energy, recycle, dung and just in the main do their bit. Very cool indeed.

3. When drinking fast food, try for barely to NO garbage.

We all know fast food isn't the most for us, and yeah you guessed it, it isn't the maximum for the world either, what with over-packaging, the prominence on red meat, and many other things. But if you're going to eat it, I say, 'please enjoy. ' And, while you're at it. . . here are a few clothes you can do to leave as hardly trash at the back as possible.

- Eat in as a replacement for of charming out. Hey, it's fast already, so why not sit down at least?? Ingestion in means you don't get an extra paper bag to carry out. That bag customarily gets used for a total of 5 seconds besides right?

- Don't super-size, but for you have a legitimately super-sized appetite. This keeps snippets out of the garbage. Very big deal!!

- Take only what condiments you need, and 'just say no' to that humungous wad of napkins they try to give you. Seriously, I think that's insulting actually. . . I have a burger, and I need ten napkins??! Giggle.

- Share a drink, skip the straw, ask for the cookie in your hand not a bag. Every barely bit helps!

Andrea J. Lee is an award-winning author, speaker, capitalist and coach.
She is a rabid advocate for the globe who coaches online affair owners in
the environmental niche bazaar to be financially successful. For more tips
on how you can help the globe and enjoy life at the same time, visit
www. joytotheplanet. com.


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